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Fillings depicting in "First love" by Judith Ortiz

The fundamental topic of the short tale "First Love" by Judith Ortiz Cofer is love in all of its manifestations. It shows how this strong filling influences the

character's life. The story is about a young girl from Puerto Rico who has a serious crush on the Italian senior guy, who comes from a wealthy household. Trying to be 

in the same places the boy usually visits and making numerous attempts to catch his eye strongly indicates the girl's obsession. The boy works at a local grocery store, 

and she frequently visits it even though she knows there won't be any communication. She often resorts to imaginary reasons, such as that her house is out of milk, as 

an excuse to see her love.The main character is timid and innocent at the start of the tale and lacks extensive knowledge on issues pertaining to love. Once, her love 

notices her and strikes up a conversation with her, which makes her experience strong feelings of delight. Her heart gains a triumph because the boy had noticed her, 

and this incident motivates her even more to see the boy again.

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Despite receiving the best grade in the history class, the girl is turned down for a part in the school's Greek theatrical play, which adds further conflict to the 

narrative. For no other reason than that she was thought to be very attractive, another girl was cast in the part. The girl feels that she is the "poor little Puerto 

Rican girl" and that other girls have finer costumes than her, even at the banquet. This highlights the  main problem raised in this poem which is about social inequity; 

the girl is so disturbed by it that she conceals in the bathroom just after performance in an effort to be the last one who will leave.

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