The Ultimate Travel Guide to Dubai

dubai vacation packages 2018Who doesn’t know Dubai? Dubai is one of the most visited places in the world. Dubai is also one of the most record-breaking cities, especially in the field of travel. This applies to the world to the busiest international airport on the planet.
If you guys want to visit in the coming months, here are a few things that you should know:

1. Flights

fly dubai airline

Dubai is located at the intersection between Europe, Asia, and Africa. There are more than 125 airlines flying to Dubai from all over the world. If you wanna fly from JFK to Dubai you can use airlines like Emirates Airlines.

Quick Tips: I would love to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure, I prefer to get there as early as possible so not to rush.

Direct flight time from Dubai to New York is around 14 hours 45 minutes. Quickest one-stop flight among Dubai and New York takes near 17 hours. In any case, a few aircraft could take up to 44 hours dependent on the stopover destination and holding up the span.

Flight prices from JFK to Dubai are from 500 – 950$, you can check it online through google flights, Expedia, kayak or any sites you want. (I’m not affiliated to those link).

Also, you can check JFK Airport Terminal Guide if you want to make sure about the airport.

2. Hotels

dubai all inclusive flight and hotel

I’m sure most of you think that “Hotels in Dubai are definitely expensive!”

According to Lost LeBlanc on his Youtube Channel, the cost is around 80$/ night spent. He got internet with high speed, single large bed and…

It’s in the Downtown CORE of Dubai. BOOM!

Also, you can check his journey there. I’m sure you will not regret it!

3. Taxis Are Cheap

I know most of you will say “Metro is Cheaper”. I’m not against it, but if you wanna look around freely (like me), don’t be afraid to order a taxi (use Uber or Careem).

They are only around 10$! Cheap? I know…. (metro still cheaper :p)

I hope you will get an exotic taxi as we saw it on Youtube

luxury car rental dubai

4. Food

The must-try local food:


dubai food prices

Mahalabiya is a dessert that has a sweet and fresh taste typical of Dubai. The shape is almost like a pudding.

Mahalabiya is usually combined with rose water and also pistachios, which makes this typical Dubai pudding has a unique and aesthetic taste.


Shawarma (Kebab)

dubai food tour

Maybe some of you guys are familiar with this food, many people know it as a kebab.

Here in Dubai, we can find Shawarma combined with mutton or chicken combined with vegetables, french fries, special onion sauce, and also pickles.

Interested in trying this food?




Esh Asaraya (Bread of Harem)

dubai food delivery

Esh Asarya is a typical Middle Eastern snack or cake that we can find easily in Dubai. The shape is almost like a pie and cheesecake. Esh Asaraya by local people is also called Bread of the Harem.

It has a shape like a pie that tastes almost like cheesecake and then combined with a soft white cream on top of the cake.

A soft and sweet blend of cream will melt in the mouth with the cake. If you go to Dubai, it’s a must to try this one food!

5. Destination

travel agency in dubai
Dubai Fountain: The Largest Fountain In The World 

dubai vacation packages 2018

Burj Khalifa: The Highest Tower in The World 

The Lost City of Atlantis? Maybe you’re right…

Go visit Burj Khalifa site if you want to book or make a reservation form.
Problem with kids? Let them learn at the top of the Tower, playing interactive games, etc.

According to this site, the observation costs are:

  • At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY (VIP)
    Level 148 + 125 + 124
    From 370 AED
  • At the Top, Burj Khalifa
    Level 125 + 124
    From 135 AED

dubai city tour

Burj Al-Arab

Burj Al Arab is one of the hotels in Dubai that has a luxurious architecture and is built on an artificial island. This seven-star luxury hotel was designed by an architect named Tom Wright.

In addition to the building’s very unique shape, the hotel also has a height of up to 321 meters. This height earned the title as the highest hotel in the world, number four.

How much it cost? Check, they will tell you about Inside the $24,000 a night Royal Suite at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai. Interesting…

flower delivery dubai

Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden is the best tourist place in Dubai for garden lovers with various types of plants that have a variety of colors. The flower garden that can be found in the Dubailand area was successfully built in a city filled with deserts and is a very interesting tourist spot in Dubai.

Dear flowerism/ flower maniac, to increase your intimate with your partner, you can order flowers at, or via google.  (I’m not affiliated to those link)

I’m sure you romantic ideas will be perfect with flowers!

dubai vacation packages 2018


Dubai itself is the part of the United Arab Emirates, of course, if we talk about Arabic then we will be directed at camels, right?

Now if you want to feel the sensation of riding a camel then you can do Dubai Camel Safari. We can ride Camels in the desert while accompanied by experienced camel administrators. We can ride Camels which have slow roads but will be fun. Not only adults, but children can also ride camels too…


Dubai is Fun!

Don’t believe in myth guys, seriously …

There’s alcohol & you don’t need a burkini! It’s not as conservative as you think. Dress as usual: shorts and skirt are fine. There’s no need to cover your hair either.

Kissing is Illegal if don’t believe me just check

Finally, that’s all about travel to Dubai. If you find this post interesting please share with others!

See you,